Vilkyškių pieninė

We were asked by Vilkyškių pieninė, one of the top dairies in the country, to help in promoting its brand in Tauragė region, which is quite an important area for the company in terms of community relations and general reputation as it owns a couple of factories there.

We developed and implemented the concept called "Cinema comes to you". During the analysis phase we found out that ordinary and daily metropolitan residentsentertainment is not always available to people living in smaller towns. In summer of 2015 together with the Lithuanias best-known film festival Kino pavasaris we held 20 free film nights (indoor spaces, as well as in the open air) in Tauragė county. Each film space was branded by Vilkyškių pieninė. The project was also presented to the local media.

Public opinion polls showed that the project received highly positive assessment by residents of the county. 80 percent of the respondents assuredly indicated that this project was initiated by Vilkyškių pieninė. The project also attracted considerable local media attention.